Project Clean Percy

A day of service

March 15th 9am - 1pm

Hamilton Creek, Percy Priest lake

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We're just a group of students coming together with one purpose: to Make a Difference in our community.

On March 15th, from 9 am to 1 pm, we are hosting a cleanup of the Hamilton Creek Recreational Area. Nashville is a thriving city with some of the most beautiful public parks. These parks provide outdoor space to get away from the city, and take time to relax. But right now the parks are far from idyllic. Garbage and waste litters the shorelines and the paths, creating environmental hazards, and an overall unpleasant experience for park goers. The parks do not have the funding to keep the parks clean on their own, so it is our responsibility to help clean up. We can fix this. Join us on the 15th, and help empower people to keep the parks clean.

In the event we are rained out we will be holding a convocation event featuring a speaker from the Nashville Clean Water Project. Emails will be sent out to registered attendants the night before should the event be cancelled. Any change of plans, including a cancellation, will be posted on our Facebook page.

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